This new vehicle will roll off to the streets using the very same platform that the Volvo S40 uses. Behind the designs and style that this vehicle holds are some people who have worked hard and burned the midnight candle to make this car quite a remarkable one. The design was done by John Kinsey. The building and manufacturing was done by Pininfarina.

The Volvo C70 comes featuring a three piece metal hardtop that is retractable. This has been the replacement for the traditional soft convertible top. In less than thirty seconds, this metal hardtop could be lowered or raised. There is no need to do the folding or the setting up manually. With just a push of a button, everything is folded down or set up neatly. However, unlike previous versions of this model from Volvo, a coupe would not be offered for this one.

This new one that would be coming out soon enough is considered to be the second generation of the Volvo C70s. For the first time in Volvo C70’s history, this vehicle will be using atmospheric gasoline engines. Although diesel engines with variable geometry turbine and common rail direct injections would also be used as well.

Going back to the first generation of the Volvo C70, this vehicle then was made available with both low pressure and high pressure turbocharged engines that held five cylinders. These engines went to work with manual and automatic transmission. This type of system to get power from was a breakthrough design for Peter Horbury. Then, it was engineered and manufactured by Tom Walkinshaw Racing. However, many people say that this engine was more or less visually based on the Volvo 850’s engine and power source.

The Volvo C70 was actually built in a manufacturing plant and assembly line in Uddevala, Sweden. Volvo claims that this vehicle has actually had had more human involvement in its assembly if compared to the other 70-series cars and vehicles that the brand has constructed. This is possibly so for the Volvo C70 is actually the very first modern convertible that Volvo took a chance at producing.

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