If you have not seen the sun in days, the new Volvo C70 would be a very good medium to do so. The new Volvo C70 is one of the last of the old-style vehicles manufactured and crafted by Volvo. It now comes as a sexy convertible that made its debut at Frankfurt. It comes with a clever, three-piece retractable hard top and not the traditional soft top. It is also powered with the very same 218 hp, 2.5 liter, five-cylinder turbo that has been used in the S40 sedans and the V50 wagons. These mentioned models also share the same platform as the Volvo C70.

In comparison with the S40 sedans and the V50 wagons, the Volvo C70 also shares the several body parts with them that has a list that includes the hood, the outside rear-view mirrors, and the door handles.

In its history, the Volvo C70 was made available originally as a couple and then later made another version which was the convertible. Both these models had low-pressure and high-pressure, 5-cylinder, turbocharged engines, manual transmissions and automatic transmissions. It was built in Sweden that also produced the 70-series sedans and wagons. And it also was the very first modern convertible that Volvo the automobile manufacture had crafted. It was first introduced as a 1997 model in Europe, and it also made its public debut as a 1998 model in North America, which still is Volvo’s largest market to date. Volvo wanted to ensure that this vehicle, the Volvo C70, was still a quality vehicle, even if it was quite new for the automobile manufacturer.

At the beginning of the production, a series of special edition models were also crafted. It featured a unique two-tone premium leather interior, along with other optional equipment that was made standard for this special edition line. These optional equipment included the SC-901 Dolby Surround Sound stereo that had a 3-disc integrated changer unit which was done so through a cartridge.

The market was more or less cut in half. Some were pleased with the models, however, some also did not. It was surmised that it was all due to the limited demand that time for coupes and also due to the high price of both models – the coupe and the convertible.

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